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The Caribbean Atlas Project


The Caribbean Atlas is the result of cooperation between the main Universities in the Caribbean region: University of the West Indies (Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago), University of Curaçao, University Anton de Kom (Suriname), State University of Haiti and University of Havana.

This project is co-headed by Romain CRUSE, Lecturer at the Université des Antilles et de la Guyane (UAG) and the University of the  West Indies (St Augustine) and Kevon RHINEY, Lecturer at the University of the West Indies (Mona, Jamaica). 


The 10 following themes will be exposed :

  • What’s the Caribbean
  • Physical geograpahy and natural resources in the Caribbean
  • Colonizations and control over the Caribbean
  • The independance waves and the post-colonial period
  • The Caribbean : population, culture and identity
  • The Caribbean city
  • The rural Caribbean
  • Caribbean Economy
  • The Caribbean great challenges for the XXI Century


- Dominique Augier (UAG)

- Johannes Bohle (University of Bielefeld, Center for InterAmerican Studies)

- Kevon Rhiney (UWI)

- Romain Cruse (UAG) 


University of the West Indies (Mona)

  • Prof. P. Barker (HoD Geography) 
  • Prof. S. Mitchel (Geography) 
  • Prof. A. Harriott (HoD Government) 
  • Prof H. Devonish (Head in FHE - Lang, Linguistics) 
  • Prof. C. Kirton (HoD Economics) 
  • Dr. Mark Figueroa (Dean, FSS) 
  • Sr. Lecturer M. Smith (History) 
  • Sr. Lecturer R. Pemberton (HoD History)
  • Dr. K. Rhiney (Geography)

University of the West Indies, (St Augustine)

  • Prof B. Brereton (History) 
  • Prof Emeritus N. Girvan (Institute of International Relations) 
  • Prof. P. Watson (Dir., Sir Arthur Lewis Institute) 
  • Prof. P. Shaw (Dir. Geography) 
  • Dr. M. Wilson (Geography) 

Université des Antilles et de la Guyane

  • Prof. P. Saffache (Président) 
  • Prof Agrégé F. Célimène (CEREGMIA, Dir.) 
  • Dr. R. Cruse (Geographie)

University of Curacao

  • Dr. C. de Rego (Geography) 

Université de la Réunion

  • Prof. F. Taglioni 

University Anton de Kom (Paramaribo, Suriname)

  • Prof. M. Schalkwijk (Institute of Graduate Studies and Research) 
  • Prof. J. Mencke (Chairman, Institute of Graduate Studies and Research) 

Universidad de la Habana (Cuba)

  • Prof. G. Chailloux (Economy) 
  • Prof. M. Martinez (Economy)


The website cartography is realized by Dominique AUGIER (Ph.D student, UAG), Elisabeth BLAISE (UAG), Nathalie PETIT-CHARLES, Christelle MURAT and Romain CRUSE (UAG).


Website photos credit : Romain Philippon

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