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All the paper proposals will be carefully examined by the Atlas scientific committee. Two specialised Readers examine the proposals before deciding whether or not to publish them. Changes can be asked.

The papers must absolutely be written in Times New Roman font 12, simple space and be of no more than 1500 words references included. Foot page notes are not accepted.

References must be of the following norm.

The text is preceded by the author name, his/her firstname, position and institution name, date and title of the paper. Papers are welcome in English, French and Spanish.

Contributions must be related to one of the Atlas’ themes.

If required, the UAG (CEREGMIA) cartographers team can realise maps illustrating the paper. Authors must then provide with any useful information, data and/or sketch.


In order to facilitate your files’ sendings, they can be compressed either in . zip or .rar format.

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